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Your People

None of us is as smart, as all of us. How do you feel about the effectiveness of your payroll spend? Are you utilizing the best efforts of your entire team? Do your team’s add value to the efforts of other teams -i.e. sales and production efforts completely synchronized? Are your best performers being inadvertently diminished by a lack of clarity on roles and accountability?


“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” Henry A. Kissinger


 Connect your people to what matters skydive

  • Other High Performance People
  • Your Business Purpose
  • The Best Available Resources (i.e.Technology and real-time data)


Your Leadership Opportunity

The heart of any company is the core leadership team. Charged with the responsibility for the strategic growth of the enterprise, they must cooperatively pursue the deliverable key accountabilities of 21st century business leadership.

Leaders must first understand their own competencies, strengths and goals. When company management is aligned they can create energizing environments that maximize performance.


Effective Leaders inspire others to peak performance – and create other leaders elsewhere in the organization.

The CGP2 model lays out fundamental leadership accountability in 4 sections: Competency • Growth • Performance • Profit

Competency: Understanding your own Executive Leadership style. You must have a “teachable point of view” and know your own core strengths. This insight will help you to Find, Focus and Keep highly competent employees.
Performance: Design, Measure and Nurture High Performance Work Teams and Cultures.
Growth: Communicating your actionable Unique Value Proposition to staff, existing clients and future customers.
Profit: Delivering on the “Profit Promise” by rooting out Gross Margin killing business practices and channeling new business opportunities through the discipline of ROI.


Your Market Opportunity

Competency building: since 1990, Newport Group Inc then known as Newport Training Group has led the training industry as a Canadian pioneer in the area of entrepreneurial training and business competency building. Our breadth of experience and response to client demands has created the following solutions.

Business management Reviews: Aligning executive teams around common cause (This the single best way to avoid wasting money on Band-Aid business fix-it schemes that many privately held businesses later regret.) Customer testimonials on BMR

Defining and correcting misalignment between a business’s strategy, structure, skills and systems

Advanced Sales force acumen and competency building. It repositions your entire sales team including senior executives and allows for higher entry points with highly sought after prospects and clients. It parallels your agreed upon, strategic direction developed and initiated through the executive core. Note (a department specific variation of this competency building should also be done with related teams and departments such as: operations, production, distribution, admin, IT, finance etc…)

Top grading your ideal client mix and changing market positioning.  What separating Strategic clients and opportunities from transactional opportunities means to your revenues and the effectiveness of your workforce. Look here for 8 requirements for establishing a true sales culture.

Transformational business and culture change through Core Values understanding.

Your core values are the foundation of your culture.

Without them, you can’t build a long lasting, sustainable culture. You discover your core values as a company you don’t create them. Core Values are a set of clear rules. And when really alive in a company, you don’t need a lot of other rules. This is the single most basic leadership tool missing in most businesses and the most powerful, inexpensive management guidebook imaginable (look here for our article).


Your Growth Opportunity 

Newport Group Inc. guides companies through alignment and engagement of their people. Becoming successful, but overworked and grouchy is a bad outcome. Creating an opportunity for others within your own can be your ultimate contribution to others. Making your business a fun place to be for you and others will want to be part of it.

Finding, Focusing and Keeping great people

Hoping that the right person responds to your next job posting is not a strategy. One of the root causes of a low functioning workplace is incomplete hiring practices. Our time tested approach to on-boarding new hires, makes engaging people its central objective. Ask us how our approach saves our clients money and disruption in adding talent to your existing team.

Role Alignment

Deliver increased workforce contribution to the bottom line by transforming jobs into accountabilities.  Let us baseline critical job competency required for your workforce. A baseline utilizes the latest in human understanding assessment and aligns the right people with the mission critical positions within your business.

Performance feedback

A strategic differentiator and simply a ‘must’ in the area of helping people meet expectations is performance feedback. Our clients have leapt ahead of the competition by adhering to a formula of providing timely feedback to those at every level of the organization.


Timely intervention at each level of your business in the form of specific coaching resources that give employee’s ongoing development and skill building, is available.