Your Business

Your Strategy


Where do my opportunities lie in this business environment? This is a question on the minds of many leading a privately held business. True strategic thinking is a discipline. Effective strategic planning is the embodiment of that discipline.

How responsive can your business be to whatever unfolds? The answer is in the question. Putting an effective foundation around what exists now will ensure readiness for opportunities in today’s business climate. Nimble, agile private companies will dominate many of the future’s business segments and can be more profitable entities.

Reducing the gap between your strategy and your team’s capacity, competency and capability to execute is the experience that a Newport client receives. Minor variances in the overall unemployment rate will not resolve the increasing shortage of people with business-required talent needed in the emerging economy. This situation will affect the ability of organizations in executing their strategic objectives, limiting growth rates, gross margins and EBITA.


Your Risks and Obstacles 


Risk look different to everyone, but the ultimate decision is yours. Newport supports business leaders through outstanding fundamentals that address risk in relation to opportunity. Our most successful clients take full advantage of regular and timely, one to one debriefs with us. These conversations allow perspectives to emerge and clarity to think through risks and obstacles. (Quotes and testimonials) Ask us about how your business’s revenue, gross margin and payroll spend, interact as key variables in evaluating risk.

Our team of business management professionals work to match your personal and business objectives and have a track record of success with businesses like yours. They work for with you and your business, allowing you to look through the lens that each has into your situation. Once a cohesive advisory team has been assembled, look to take advantage of advance planning from each.

Newport Group Inc. has developed a strategic productivity process complete with a metric-based approach that guides you and your leadership team to your business specific strategy. The document becomes your road map giving your company a competitive edge in today’s business environment.