Talent Management

Talent Management as a strategic process delivers increased workforce contribution to the bottom line by transforming jobs into accountabilities.

Individuals bring a different degree of skill, experience and knowledge to a job. Some elements are learned (technical and job skills), some are only refinable (personal skills). Personal skills and capacities such as personal accountability, concrete organizational skills, intuitive decision making, conceptual thinking and self confidence are all areas critical to understanding existing and potential members of your team. Your business performance is effectively rooted in the combined competencies that you and your team bring to work.

Through leadership support and regular feedback, your people can enhance their skills and competency which will enable them to be more confident and make better decisions.

Better decisions drive better performance and effect gross margins.

Define and Align

Define and Align establishes what competencies are needed for a specific job.

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We start by understanding how a given job is done now. We then guide your business through the process of identifying the deliverables of the job – paring a job description down to the key accountabilities.

Two key questions in talent management:

  1. What does the job energize in a candidate or employee?
  2. Which candidate or employee is naturally energized by the job?

The result?

Less of you and your management’s time spent managing the People Effect