Succession Planning Solutions

Achieving lifestyle and business congruence is an admirable goal. Easier said than done, we know. However, when you and your family are ready to make the decision on your options about maximizing the value of your business asset, we are ready. Statistics show that one of the larger trends in Family business in the coming decade will be transition and succession. We provide support and direction for implementing a workable succession strategy for our clients.

Recently Tim Maloney has released a book co-authored with Randy McLachlan of Genbridge Family Offices on the subject of Family Business Succession. The book is titled Fortune’s Impasse – Saving The Family Jewels is available on Amazon worldwide and through at a special price. Multiple copy orders (3+) are discounted by no less than 10%..

The F3 model as explained in Fortune’s Impasse – Saving The Family Jewels



Here is what readers are saying about Fortune’s Impasse – Saving The Family Jewels

 “I started reading Fortune’s Impasse three days ago and was so engrossed in the characters that I had to keep going to see the outcome!”

“A very well written book with excellent character development that draws the reader in. It reminds me of ‘The Goal’ by Eli Goldratt – one of the best books on lean manufacturing – same storytelling methodology!”

   “In addition to the F3 methodology, I liked the subtle life lessons – ex: the power of visualizing the future, social responsibility and the need to enjoy life.”

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