About You

You | Your Business | Your People | Your Family

You have a family business or privately held company. You have a proven, workable business concept and are looking to reset certain elements of your business. That’s where our conversation begins.With Newport Group, we see business success as an ongoing series of conversations with intent. They are both internal and external.

Your external conversations began with your business’s first customers as your identity formed and continue today between your sales team and prospects as your business adds more customers. establishing marketplace position through personal contact

Conversation can also be in the form of negotiation with suppliers of materials and equipment, with external professional advisors (finance, legal, and tax), industry connections and various forms of marketing including your different advertising media, business websites and social media.

Internally these important conversations also include discussion and feedback with partners, management; interdepartmental and regular performance feedback sessions with employees

With Newport’s Innovation framework, our private business client’s most overwhelming business problems can be effectively prioritized and solution starting points found, not as a Band-Aid, but as permanent positive differentiators. Contact us today to open a conversation and let improvement begin tomorrow.