Fortune’s Impasse Excerpt

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Overview of our book Fortune’s Impasse: Dan Fortune gave up his personal dreams and aspirations on the sudden death of his father to salvage a rundown community food market, and to provide for his mother.  Through hard work, skill and good luck, Dan grew that local market into a major chain of markets and a vertically integrated food business. Despite this apparent success, Dan felt that things were out of…

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Be Practical

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Brain Power still important

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This is something neat that we found in ” Wired” and involves a comparison between the capacity of the human brain and today’s Internet. Interesting stuff, and it looks like the Net will remain dependent on the brain after all. It discusses all the computing power on earth including pc’s, cell phones, pda’s etc…, and the One Machine or planetary computer. “By 2040, the planetary computer will attain as much…

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Wise words from Einstein

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“Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts“.     – Albert Einstein The practical leader understands this principle intuitively, but the rest of us have to learn it. In the rush to prove to ourselves and others that what we are doing to improve ourselves, our team, and our organization is working,  we end up feeling compelled to look for immediacy in change….

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Swimming Naked and more on Tides

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We like swimming naked. There… we have said it. It’s out there. When and where that happens we’d rather not share with you. We recently heard a story attributed to investor Warren Buffett in which he used the following analogy about evaluating businesses when times get tougher: At high tide when the water is in you can look over a beach and see everybody swimming. You see a lot of…

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Window Washers and Sales People

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There are two guys outside our window right now washing the windows. This has to be one of the scariest jobs that anyone can sign up for. When the winds are blowing it must be even worse. Yet, with the proper safety precautions and training it is done successfully everyday and the failure rate (though somewhat final) is one that is manageable. A sales position is different in that it…

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Saving Rubber Bands

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Is there not a whole lot more rubber bands in the world than there were just a few decades back? I receive a few everyday with my office mail. They seem to be everywhere and they are obviously cheap and expendable. Are the Chinese pumping out rubber bands non-stop? I remember growing up in a house where rubber bands were always saved as they were rare and considered an unnecessary…

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Low Tides, Tough Times and Tuning up your Market Proposition.

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There is a saying in business that a rising tide raises all ships. The idea transference is that good economic times and a bull market allow a lot of businesses (especially publicly traded ones) to appear to be in better shape than they actually are. Investors flock into the latest craze and ultimately get taught valuable life lessons. We’ve been there… Bear markets are said to return money to those…

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The Deal you get going in, is the Deal you get going out

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The first we heard of blogging was earlier in the decade. A core belief that we learned some years back and have since tried to adhere is “The Deal you get going in, is the Deal you get going out”. It’s the simple concept of managing expectation and deliverable up front so both parties are happy and satisfied with a transaction. Giving our ideas away seemed like a silly idea. Stating…

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