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About Us

One size does not fit all

Newport has developed a set of accountability principles for engaging teams. These provide the framework for each client’s Newport experience where we guide you and your team through a customized solution process to develop the strategy and implementation factors that align with improving your company’s ROI and ultimately its valuation.

Privately held companies are different

Your business can be much more nimble and responsive to market demands than your larger publicly traded competitors. Not having to report earnings every ninety days can provide the right kind of runway for owners and their management teams to make decisions based on what is good for the business, instead of strictly what’s good for the shareholders.

Building your Valuation

Entrepreneurs are often looking for ways to gain understanding of their business as an asset. Your business’s valuation will be anchored around three main components. They are: your customers, your products and your people. It is valuable to have a recognizable blue chip client base, as it is to have market leading products or services that are not easily copied by your competition. However, the biggest area that your competition will struggle with competing against will be the quality and effectiveness of the team you assemble. A workforce and teams that readily add value to each others output is market competition’s last frontier. All other tangible innovation can be bought. People are an essential element in the equation that generates your bottom line, thereby driving the real value in your company.


Communication is the platform for measurable progress. Newport helps management imbed 2-way communication with employees in day-to-day operations. Management teams, in turn, are better able to push the message out to the very edge of the company to facilitate the attainment of the desired business result. Aligned employees operating in a culture of trust will deliver the best possible business results.


Change for the sake of change can feel like the road to nowhere. Applying measurement provides you with indicators of success or failure in key areas of your business. An appropriate consideration when embarking on performance improvement of any type is to ask the question; How is the result you want being measured now? Without upfront consideration of this simple factor the impact of any new result is not going to be relevant. Setting anticipated performance improvement standards for any projects with our client, is key to getting optimal results.

Client Results

Metrics provide you with leading indicators that determine the full value of your people and their functions. Properly thought through, they are the reason that our happiest clients have continued to engage Newport. Through better clarity, comprehension, capability and confidence, a Newport client experience is focused on implementation. When appropriate, we can connect prospective clients with suitable references from the past two decades.